Flairform manufactures the most advanced nutrients and additives for hydroponics, coco or soil gardening.  These work flawlessly together from seed to harvest in either an outdoor or indoor (grow-room) environment.

Growers Guide & Dosage Chart

+ Flairform Growers Guide Book: Provides simple but expert information on hydroponic lights (HID), nutrient types, nutrient management, hydroponic grow systems, grow room setup, ventilation, cloning, pH, EC, pest and disease control, pruning…and much more. – Online dosage calculator

– For a copy of the Flairform Dosage Chart: litresUS Gallon

+ GreenDream-1 ONE-part nutrient for hydroponics, coco and soil

+ GreenDream-2 TWO-part nutrient for hydroponics, coco and soil

+ OrganaBud Organic based ONE-part nutrient for soil

+ DutchTreat ONE-part nutrient for hard or salty water

+  CMX Calcium, magnesium & iron additive

+ GroStorm Organic additive

+ BudStorm Flowering additive

+ SilikaMajic Silica additive

+ Pythoff Nutrient conditioner for hydroponics & coco-fibre

+ StopBloc Prevents plumbing blockages

Starter Kits
+  GreenDream-1 Contains nutrient, additives and Growers Guide

+  OrganaBud Contains nutrient, additives and Growers Guide

+  DutchTreat Contains nutrient, additives and Growers Guide

Foliar Sprays

+ TopFert Foliar fertilizer for seed to harvest use

+ TopWet Wetting agent for use with foliar sprays

Cuttings & Seedlings
+ TwinTech Starter Day 1 treatment for cuttings

+ TwinTech Fertilizer Complete fertilizer for seedlings

+ TwinTech Plus Nutrient conditioner for seedlings

pH Control
+ Flairform pH Test Kit Provide 800 tests

+ pH Up Raises nutrient pH

+ pH Down Lowers nutrient pH

Electrode Maintenance
+ Electrode Cleaner Removes inorganic & organic contamination

+ pH Electrode Storage Maintains electrode performance

+ pH Buffers 4.0 & 7.0 pH electrode calibration

+ Conductivity Standard For EC, cF or TDS (ppm) meters