TwinTech Line

Nutrients and additives for cuttings and seedlings

Many of our growers were losing over half their clones…TwinTech has improved their strike-rates to over 90%!


TwinTech Starter

Essential treatment for preparing stem cuttings prior to planting

bullet Liquid (gel) formula
bullet Multilingual label

TwinTech Fertilizer & TwinTech Plus

A feed solution comprised of TwinTech Fertilizer and TwinTech Plus helps to achieve maximum survival rates for cuttingsseedlings:

bullet Promotes vigorous root initiation
bullet Increased root mass
bullet Lush and healthy foliage

-  ‘TwinTech Fertilizer’: Provides the full spectrum of inorganics, including chelated trace elements (NPK 1-1-3).

-  ‘TwinTech Plus‘: Helps to increase root mass and condition the water-nutrient mix.

-  Multilingual labels: TwinTech FertilizerTwinTech Plus

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