pH Test Kit

For reliable & fast pH readings

Unlike electronic pH meters, there is NO complex or costly maintenance required with the pH Test Kit


Super concentrated – ONE drop per test – approximately 800 tests.
pH range 4.0 to 8.0: Many pH testers do not operate below pH 6 (See pH Control).
Produces fast pH readings: Note that pH meter electrodes usually need to be left in the sample for several minutes before an accurate/ stable reading is produced.
Waterproof colour chart on side of bottle.
Perfect back-up for die-hard pH meter users.
Supplied with sturdy test tube.
How accurate is Flairform’s  pH Test Kit?

When using a pH Test Kit you will get accurate results every time.  Even if electronic pH meters are properly maintained, they are still susceptible to error because lower quality electrodes respond to foreign ‘species’ (e.g. sodium). For this reason, if using an electronic pH meter, occasionally cross check your readings with a pH Test Kit.

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