Electrode Cleaner

For pH & conductivity electrodes

We have not needed to re-calibrate our pH meters for over 3 years!

Analytical Laboratory

Flairform’s multipurpose electrode cleaner removes both ‘organic’ and ‘inorganic’ contaminants.

Electrode cleaners are usually made from acids, alkalis or chelates. However, these chemicals are ineffective for cleaning electrodes that have been contaminated with nutrient solutions that contain organic compounds.

Flairform Electrode Cleaner is:

bullet Suitable for both pH & conductivity meter electrodes.
bullet Restores electrode accuracy and response time. This typically eliminates the need for re-calibration.
bullet Maximizes electrode life-span.
bullet Unlike with other cleaners, the electrode does not require ‘rest’ time after being cleaned.
bullet Easy to use:  Soak electrode for 5 minutes.
bullet Available in 250ml.
bullet Multilingual label.
ELECTRODE CARE:  Avoid placing electrodes in oily solutions as they can “coat” the electrode.  Further, avoid measuring (or leaving electrodes for too long) in harsh chemicals. For example, highly caustic (e.g. pH Up, silica additives) or concentrated solutions such as raw nutrient. gardening growers guide