OrganaBud Starter Kit

Organic based nutrient system for soil

OrganaBud provides a highly concentrated and fully soluble source of seaweed extracts, NPK fertilizer and chelated trace elements.   The OrganaBud “Starter Kit” contains the essential growth elements required for obtaining maximum yields in soil.

OrganaBud “Starter Kit” contains:

bullet OrganaBud, 1 litre (1 Qrt)
bullet GroStorm, 500ml (16 Fl. oz.)
bullet BudStorm, 500ml (16 Fl. oz.)
bullet CMX, 500ml (16 Fl. oz.)
bullet SilikaMajic, 250ml (8 Fl. oz.)
bullet Flairform Growers Guide
bullet Flairform Product Guide and dosage chart

Also available for GreenDream and DutchTreat