DutchTreat Starter Kit

Specialized nutrient system for hard, salty water

DutchTreat simplifies growing in poor quality waters. There are no rules – just add to water when and how you like. The DutchTreat “Starter Kit” contains the essential growth elements required for obtaining maximum yields in hydroponics, coco-fibre or soil.

DutchTreat “Starter Kit” contains:

bullet DutchTreat Grow, 946ml (1 Qrt)
bullet DutchTreat Bloom, 946ml (1 Qrt)
bullet GroStorm, 500ml (16 Fl. oz.)
bullet BudStorm, 500ml (16 Fl. oz.)
bullet CMX, 500ml (16 Fl. oz.)
bullet SilikaMajic, 250ml (8 Fl. oz.)
bullet Flairform Growers Guide
bullet Flairform Product Guide and dosage chart

Also available for GreenDream and OrganaBud