About Dr. DoRight’s


HydroCarbon Solutions Inc. is company that manufactures Dr. DoRight’s Plant Care Products. HCS got its humble start 5 years ago when the founding partner faithfully tried to market an emerging green technology to the automotive and cooling tower industry. Along with the help of a few like-minded cohorts, HCS was fueled by intense passion and a vision to become “solution providers”.


After some valuable lessons and a lack of U.S. patent protection, HCS started to shift gears. An old friend had the fortuitous chance to meet and introduce a sublimely unique chemist to HCS. Soon after, a synergistic partnership was formed and HCS was armed with the tools to become a true “solution provider”. When the passion and vision that started HCS was combined with a new symbiotic partnership, Dr. DoRight’s arose. Dr. DoRight’s took shape through pain-staking efforts to craft a platform to provide “green solutions” to today’s complex environmental problems.


Dr. DoRight’s is committed to providing highly effective, bio-based products to help farmers and gardeners unlock and harness the full potential of plants without sacrificing environmental integrity. We invite you to “Spray with Confidence”